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Every show (that's three times a week), we pick a random fan club member to win one of our great sponsor products such as a Telerik DevCraft collection or a DevExpress DXperience Subscription. All you have to do is join the fan club to be eligible to win every show!

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Once a year one lucky fan club member will win at least $5,000.00 worth of technology! What would you buy with $5000? Go ahead and dream. Meanwhile, sign up for the fan club and you just might win!

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Whenever we score tickets to conferences, swag from sponsors, or if we happen to have a streak of good luck in the lottery, we will pick a lucky winner and pass on the goods! But.. you have to join the fan club to win!

Once you register, you are required to take a short survey, which helps us understand our listeners. It only takes a minute!

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